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January 25, 2023

The Project A Podcast - Closing the Experience Gap through Conversational Commerce

Welcome to the Project A podcast, featuring our very own AMAZD Founders Dominik Unützer and Fabian Furtmeier. Hosted by Project A Co-Founder Florian Heinemann, the podcast reveals the story behind AMAZD and what brands can expect from the innovative new online shopping platform. 

Founded in 2020, AMAZD is on a mission to usher in a new era of eCommerce by overcoming the challenges of today's online customer journey, which we know is simply not designed for humans. Tune in to the podcast to discover more:

Enjoy listening to the first podcast about AMAZD!


00:30 Introduction of Dominik

04:53 Introduction of Fabian

09:43 Team formation

11: 58 Idea generation

18:16 Concept of conversation commerce

21:37 Internal vs external experts

31:38 Organization post-COVID

34:40 Top recommendations for aspiring entrepreneurs

People involved:

  • Guest: Dominik Unuetzer (MD/Co-Founder, Amazd), Fabian Furtmeier (MD/Co-Founder, Amazd)
  • Host: F. Heinemann (Founding Partner, Project A)

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