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01 | Virtual guided sales

Excite your customers with unique brand experiences just like in the physical store

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Today's online sales world is pure self service. This leads to low online conversion rates, low average order values and almost no customer loyalty.

It holds especially true when it comes to high-consideration products. Todays eCommerce basically feels like a supermarket with long aisles - creating agony of choice and pushing customers into endless research.

GET A Personal DEMO

Customers can now:

  • Enjoy a unique brand experience online, just like in a physical store
  • Discover and discuss products with a personal expert
  • Create carts together

Experts are now able to:

  • Advise & sell via (video-) calls, chat and screen shares
  • Serve the customers from anywhere with our mobile and desktop application
  • Earn sales commissions from online sales

What our customers say

“Since we started using AMAZD to cross- and upsell our average order value has increased by over 40%!”

Jewelry Brand
“We want to offer our online customers the same expert advice they are used to from our physical stores. With AMAZD we found an innovative partner to help us leverage our internal experts online.”

Group CEO
Photography Retail Group
“Customer prioritization has always been our number one priority. With AMAZD we are now able to bring the quality of in-store consultation to the online world.”

Hearing Aid Provider