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03 | Virtual service

Let your customers connect to your experts for instant or scheduled virtual services around your products

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Why not offering additional touch points with your customers as an opportunity for more sales through cross-selling, additional revenue streams for value-adding services or to reduce returns from a bad initial product experience?

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Offer your customers:

  • Product onboarding sessions for a great start with the purchased product
  • Maintenance & repair session for easy maintenance and support
  • Virtual customer service session in case of unexpected issues with your products

With AMAZD you can:

  • Add QR codes to e.g. product, manuals and packaging
  • Promote after-sales expert service in e.g order confirmation emails
  • Add virtual expert services as a shoppable item to your online shop

What our customers say

“Since we started using AMAZD to cross- and upsell our average order value has increased by over 40%!”

Jewelry Brand
“We want to offer our online customers the same expert advice they are used to from our physical stores. With AMAZD we found an innovative partner to help us leverage our internal experts online.”

Group CEO
Photography Retail Group
“Customer prioritization has always been our number one priority. With AMAZD we are now able to bring the quality of in-store consultation to the online world.”

Hearing Aid Provider