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Today’s challenge in online sales

When it comes to large & complex online purchase decisions, B2C & B2B brands and merchants are missing out on a huge revenue opportunity, since customers require personal guidance to come to purchase decisions.

Companies need to facilitate personalised & coherent online buying journeys. Today’s online sales & communication software is not fit for purpose, since webshops and ‘duct-tape & spit’ solutions don't excite & fail to deliver curated buying experiences.

AMAZD’s solution

AMAZD’s Guided Sales Suite seamlessly integrates personal consultation into online buying journeys. The platform enables sales teams to drive customer experience proactively, flexibly and across multiple interactions.

AMAZD is deeply integrated with modern commerce backends (e.g. Shopware, Shopify, and Magento) and CRM systems (e.g. Hubspot, Salesforce) to enable sales opportunities in every interaction and 360° customer views. 

What this means for your business

Active sales: Sales agents can observe website visitors & reach out to them just as in a local retail store. They can fill carts for customers and send them to check out with a click.

Flexible sales
: Agents & customers can choose between text, audio & video calls for instant or scheduled conversations via laptop, tablet and smartphone. Even external experts can be easily integrated into your sales process.

Across multiple interactions:
AMAZD creates branded & personalised touchpoints that automatically redirect customers to your website. Sales teams therefore stay on top of customers’ minds - from inspiration to check out.

Benefits are clear

  • Accelerated sales cycles due to personalised & branded touchpoints from first inspiration to final check out
  • Customer loyalty through demonstrated expertise & differentiating customer/ omnichannel experience
  • 360° customer view and full transparency on funnel performance ‘from intent to conversation to purchase’
  • Possibility to connect external experts to expand consulting capacity as well as generate additional leads
AMAZD leads to measurable sales effects
Average order value
Conversion rate

Find the right use cases for your business

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