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Close the Experience Gap in eCommerce

Personal one-to-one chat and video consultations between shoppers and experts for more sales and lasting relationships

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Let’s face it.
Online shopping is not made for humans.

Agony of choice
Hours of painful research
Limited and impersonal help

AMAZD is for everyone

Trigger points

Individual trigger points to start the conversation

Shoppers can seamlessly start a conversation with your experts via different, modular trigger points
Different trigger points both online and offline allow the customer to start a conversation. These trigger points can be found in the web widget, text CTAs, pop-ups and offline QR codes embedded in promotional campaigns. Converse with your customers and prospects to bring them into the sales cycle. Then accelerate relationships and sales with timely, relevant messaging across online and offline channels and personalize all communications.
Within the web widget, the customer can enjoy engaging conversations both in chat and via call. Different chat functions enable the exchange of messages, files, videos, pictures, and GIFs. Also, the customer can schedule a call with an expert at their own convenience. An overview of the expert's availabilities allows for seamless scheduling. Shortly before the call both parties can join. Arranging online consultations has never been this easy!
Conversations on steroids

1:1 conversations & scheduled appointments

The widget opens directly on your website and allows to have a chat or (video-) call - instantly or scheduled.

Share files, videos, pictures, and GIFs for an engaging and personal conversation.
Long-term relationships

Standing communication feed for personal clienteling

Open & personal conversation channel with your customers allows after sales support, outbound marketing, future shopping opportunities, and customer loyalty.

You can push personal and unrestricted outbound messages via the web widget + eMail. And push notifications to the AMAZD mobile App for even higher opening and engagement rates.
Your clients and prospects are one of your most valuable business assets. Make the most out of those relationships by multiplying the number of customer touches, so that you can effectively manage those interactions. AMAZD offers endless clienteling and upselling opportunities, as the communication feed extends the customer's purchase. Send follow-up questions, schedule check-in appointments, and enjoy many more oppportunities for meaningful relationships with your customers.
AMAZD is integrated into the most common eCommerce platforms, namely shopify, magento, shopware, woocommerce, spryker and zendesk. With AMAZD’s technology, you can show customers products as they decide what to buy, trigger orders as they decide what to purchase and even request customer feedback as they decide how to rate their experience.

eCommerce integrations

AMAZD enables you to guide your customers live through your eCommerce platform and even trigger orders during 1:1 conversations. AMAZD fits perfectly into the eCommerce world of today as a strategic element for true customer experience.
Easy integration & onboarding
Onboarding with AMAZD is super simple. You are set-up within minutes.

We're committed to revolutionizing e-commerce with you at AMAZD. We help you realize the peak performance of your customer interactions by integrating into the most common and up-to-date shop systems.
Magento is a PHP-based open-source e-commerce platform. It also makes use of other PHP frameworks like Laminas and Symfony. The Open Software License v3.0 governs the distribution of Magento source code.Shopify Inc., based in Ottawa, Ontario, is a multinational e-commerce firm founded in Canada. Its unique e-commerce platform for online retailers and retail point-of-sale systems is also called that.Shopware is an open-source platform from Germany that focuses on improving customer experience.Spryker is a B2B commerce platform that is modular. Receive and process orders, as well as meet client demand, from any device and at any touchpoint.WooCommerce is the online store for WordPress and one of the most popular WordPress plugins.System for seamless customer service across all channels that grows with your business. Create the best customer experiences with Zendesk.

Creating AMAZD moments offers a 10x opportunity for lead conversion and customer retention

Directly connect with your customers on any channel and create new AMAZD moments.
Guide your customers on their customer journey, helping them to make better purchase decisions.
Build long-term relationships with your customers beyond the purchase.

Sell more

Increase conversion rates

Product experts involved in the virtual guided selling process drive conversions and customer satisfaction

Improve retention rates

Product experts driven clienteling establishes long-term customer relationships and future shopping opportunities

Generate new customer leads

Generate new leads by setting multiple AMAZD contact triggers across offline and online channels

Sell smarter

Reduce return rates

Hyper personal advice and a good feeling with no more second-guessing significantly reduces customer return rates

Enable revenue intelligence

New and unfiltered insights about your customers from on-site behavior, surveys to conversational sentiment analysis

Allow workforce automation

Easily automate repetitive workflows and enable your experts with insight sales to sell better

AMAZD is for any customer-centric business

Just contact us and we find the best solution that answers your needs.