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04 | Stay connected with store experts

Let your customers stay connected with the expert they just spoke to in person

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Why not providing true omni-channel experiences and allowing customers to stay connected with their personal retail experts?

Stay in touch with your customers who leave the retail store early.

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After receiving great initial advice from an expert, they might still leave undecided:

  • Some want to think or sleep about it
  • Some want to discuss with their partners
  • Whatever helps basically to decide

With AMAZD you can:

  • enable your retail experts to stay connected with your customers after they left your retail store
  • allow your retail experts to continue serving their customers, e.g. to answer any follow-up question
  • guide your offline customers to your online check-out

What our customers say

“Since we started using AMAZD to cross- and upsell our average order value has increased by over 40%!”

Jewelry Brand
“We want to offer our online customers the same expert advice they are used to from our physical stores. With AMAZD we found an innovative partner to help us leverage our internal experts online.”

Group CEO
Photography Retail Group
“Customer prioritization has always been our number one priority. With AMAZD we are now able to bring the quality of in-store consultation to the online world.”

Hearing Aid Provider