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02 | Virtual showroom

Turn your physical store into a Virtual Showroom and allow your highly skilled retail staff to advise and excite customers online

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Why not using your physical stores also for your online customers? You can bring your bespoke in-store brand experience online in order to excite and convert your online customers.

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There are multiple reasons why a potential customer does not enter your physical store
  • Convenience: Customer has no time or does not want to make the effort to visit your store
  • Location: Customer does not live or work close by your store and simply can not visit your store
  • After opening hours: Customer has time and would love to visit you, but the legal store opening hours does not allow it

With AMAZD you can:

  • bring your highly skilled retail staff from your offline stores online so they can suggest and showcase products live to your online customers
  • extend your store opening hours for virtual advice to meet your customers’ shopping behaviour
  • better utilise your retail staff via scheduled online appointments and instant conversations
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The art of selling online. How to excite and convert more customers online?