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02 | Virtual showroom

Turn your physical store into a Virtual Showroom and allow your highly skilled retail staff to advise and excite customers online

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Why not using your physical stores also for your online customers? You can bring your bespoke in-store brand experience online in order to excite and convert your online customers.

GET A Personal DEMO
There are multiple reasons why a potential customer does not enter your physical store
  • Convenience: Customer has no time or does not want to make the effort to visit your store
  • Location: Customer does not live or work close by your store and simply can not visit your store
  • After opening hours: Customer has time and would love to visit you, but the legal store opening hours does not allow it

With AMAZD you can:

  • bring your highly skilled retail staff from your offline stores online so they can suggest and showcase products live to your online customers
  • extend your store opening hours for virtual advice to meet your customers’ shopping behaviour
  • better utilise your retail staff via scheduled online appointments and instant conversations

What our customers say

“Since we started using AMAZD to cross- and upsell our average order value has increased by over 40%!”

Jewelry Brand
“We want to offer our online customers the same expert advice they are used to from our physical stores. With AMAZD we found an innovative partner to help us leverage our internal experts online.”

Group CEO
Photography Retail Group
“Customer prioritization has always been our number one priority. With AMAZD we are now able to bring the quality of in-store consultation to the online world.”

Hearing Aid Provider