AMAZD introducing the personal touch to eCommerce


Amplify eCommerce sales through your personal conversational storefront.

Let's revolutionize the industry together!

Reduce your return rates
Increase customer satisfaction
Increase average basket size

Challenge ❗️

Competing with established eCommerce players with the same quality product range is only possible through a personal shopping experience. Distinguishing yourself based on customer support through chatbots will prove insufficient. How can eCommerce platforms boost sales through online conversational storefronts?

Solution 🎉

Allow your customers to connect via AMAZD's feature-rich web widget for exceptional shopping experiences. AMAZD's open sales channels entail pre-qualification services to direct, deflect or redirect customer issues. Customers can then select their experts and schedule an appointment based on their preferences. At this point, communication possibilities between the customers and experts are endless in AMAZD's open sales channels, unravelling new heights of customer loyalty. ommerce experiences are always the same. Make your shopping experience fun with AMAZD!

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