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Ensure size, style and fit through curated consultation sessions with shoppers.

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Offer curated trend advice
Inspire customers to shop what they love
Reduce the return rates

Challenge ❗️

Returns are exploding as a result of shoppers' unmet expectations. A shocking 25% of fashion pieces fail to meet sizing, fit and look expectations, harming the shopper's experience, your sales and the environment. How can retailers provide exact recommendations through consultation services to combat the surge in returns?

Solution 🎉

Recommend the perfect size, style and fit to your shoppers in personal consultation sessions scheduled at the shopper's convenience in AMAZD's feature-rich web widget or app. Keep the conversation going via the expert's communication channels and guide the shopper through the purchasing journey in AMAZD's live shopping basket. Utilize these invaluable interactions with shoppers to share your curated trend advice in engaging conversations and sustainably grow your sale without returns!

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