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AMAZD is an all-in-one guided sales suite for headless commerce - the AMAZD conversational storefront.

Today buying online feels like being in a self-serve supermarket with long aisles creating agony of choice and pushing customers into endless research. This is especially true when it comes to high-consideration products.

We are certain this way of selling online will not prevail for much longer. These types of buying journeys cannot be optimized against a changing environment where understanding customers’ intentions becomes more tricky. Platform economies are slowly drawing companies away from their customers, as more and more customers turn to their mobile phones for shopping and an increased desire for personal advice.

For this reason, we built an all-in-one guided sales suite for any backend. It empowers B2C and B2B brands as well as merchants to go beyond the standard run-of-the-mill self-service model.

They can finally engage, advise, excite, and sell to their customers with a personal touch, no matter where they are.

AMAZD integrates with existing backends and provides a new and mobile first storefront which enables companies to advise customers and sell products in an in-person interaction online.

Our goal in simple terms:

Treating customers in a more human and personal way means more revenue.

Higher average order values through cross- & upselling
Higher conversion rates → likelihood that customers will transact
Less returns as there is almost no more second guessing
Chance that customers will return for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th purchase








We don't accept the status quo

Everything can be changed and improved. There are no limits in improving the shopping experience and putting a cherry on top: Making it fun!

We are in it together

Team play includes our customers, their customers basically everybody.
We run a complementary team of highly skilled individuals

We learn & evolve day by day

We celebrate failure as long as we learn from it and adapt. Change is the only constant and standstill is backwardation and will make us meaningless


Are you looking for a new challenge?
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